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Business Processes Automation with 1C:Enterprise


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At first sight, it is simple task: "We need 1C". But inexperienced specialists usually have problems with it. The reason is clear: users don't divide 1C:Enterprise a platform and its configuration. Lets talk about differenses.

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The platform is the wrapper that calls another 1C:Enterprise components (algorithmes from configurator). You recieve its instalation kit with your own CD.


The configuration is set of system algorithms. Configuration defines: accounts printing form design, VAT calculating formelas, current user rights etc.


Data is the usual database, which structure corresponds to the the 1C:Enterprise configuration logic.

It is important to understand that there is the great number of various 1C:Enterprise configurations. Perhaps, you need the specialized solution. We'll help you with pleasure to define the ballance between licensed "ready to use" solution and customatisation process.

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