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Business Processes Automation with 1C:Enterprise

1C:Enterprise implementation service

Despite abundance of various solutions, as a rule, adaptation to the company's business process is necessary. It can be minor changes (such as change of documentation printing forms, analytical reports addition etc.) or deep algorithms changing. Sometimes ready to use solutions are absent at all, so in this case the system development "from scratch" is required.

Subscriber services represent regular 1C:Enterprise service works of various character

As a rule, users have difficulties during new system usage because of its difficult menus, forms, reports etc. In this case the best decision is the users education. 

Why us?

Why Business Automation is so Important?

  • Decrease business processes cost
  • Transactions time reduction
  • Staff optimisation
  • Quality improvement

Why 1C:Enterprise?

  • The most widespread and reliable system in Russia
  • Flexibility and scalability. It is possible to consider all features of your business
  • Good cost

Why Us?

  • 10 years on Russian BPA market
  • We are clients' profit oriented, we are not "boxes selling company"
  • Our clients are satisfied